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Jontron Pain/Death Sound Replacements
Something I made in 2 minutes
Created 4 years ago
Hey look, my first mod didn't require effort.
Replaces the pain grunts with Jontron's "Ouch" the death moans with his "OH CHRIST"
and the death theme with this [0:00-0:04].
Next upload will be a serious one.


x 27

- Added new death moan and theme.

this is old af but does this still work? i downloaded this and its not working for me at all
You dun good. No joke this is actually really freakin funny
This goes well with the mod that replaces the brimstone sound with jon's 'puking candy corn' noise
BEST MOD EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!11!1!1!!!!

Because why not?

I just pressed this by accident while heading to post a review on some of my faviroate mods, saw this, and decided, hey, fuck it, jontron sounds.

Worth it.
January 16, 2020 - 11 months ago

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