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[OBSOLETE] aferberts - musek expensun
An expansion pack for the best mod ever conceived!
Created 4 years ago


This mod is now merged in with binning off isek!

1423 is everyone's favorite mod. I mean, what isn't there to love?

...the Afterbirth music is missing. That's what.

5136 originally intended to add this mod officially in to aferberts, but it made the mod too big- so I'm releasing it as a standalone expansion pack!

Made with tender care and love, each one of these masterpieces were ran through a sloppy ogg to midi conversion, then played and recorded through an 8-bit synthesizer program called GXSCC! Usually, GXSCC's results are actually pretty good, but because the MIDI conversion puts everything in one channel... the results are monstrous.

So, enjoy the hell that is this mod- because it took me all of 15 minutes.

This will work as a standalone mod, but you definitely need aferberts for the full... experience.


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you could not make this more shit if you tried

holy fuck its like my life I love it
Wow, this is the shittest music I've ever heard. well done.
I think I might play around with this for a little while...
should have used bikehorns instead smh
This is the music of the binning off isek!
...that's the point.

This is an expansion to the binning off isek that adds in Afterbirth music.

I was the person who made the music for the original binning off isek mod. Adding this music to the mod would've made it too big to upload so I released it as a separate expansion.
This is some good shit right there! Download this for the official curated full experience!â„¢
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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