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Improved Enemy Bullets
Enemy bullets are... improved
Created 4 years ago
This small mod changes the texture of the enemy bullets to make them more distinguishable from blood tears (eg. Book of Belial, Small Rock, etc), which literally have the same texture otherwise and can throw you off when fighting bosses. Enemy homing shots and IPECAC bombs are also changed.


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My game crashes when i try to launch it help pls
(im using rebirth so that can be problem but i replaced the original file with the one from this mod and i cant find the original one)
Vanilla compatibility is untested. That's probably why.
At least we can now see that the Bloat mode Shots are not Bloddy Ones, LOL
I was waiting for someone to make this
This looks pretty nice.
Thanks for sharing.
Any chance you can shine up some of that creep that I can't tell is mine or not?
I don't believe enemy and player creep have separate texture files (which is the case for bullets), so unfortunately I can't do that.
To be honest, I am not surprised. This game is intentionally rage inducing.

Thank you again for sharing.
Я здесь не один!
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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