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in this fashion embodied by the bosses of TBoI!!!
Created 8 years ago
Isaac --> Monstro
Maggy --> Mega Satan
Cain --> Gemini
Judas --> War
??? --> Mum
Eve --> Hush
Samson --> Dingle
Azazel --> Mask of Infamy
Lazarus --> The Lamb
Eden --> The Fallen
The Lost --> The Haunt
Lilith --> Mega Fatty
Keeper --> Ultra Greed


x 13

- corrected screenshot ;)

- Azazsel (Mask Of Infamy) has a new texture masks the Mod '' Better Infamy '' User '' Pokemanic33 '' (and yes I have permission)



у меня не работает
great job but u should change infamy to have something with contct damage instead o the normal azazer
I removed the texture Azazel, and I gave him just Infamy and Isaac Heart.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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