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Original Cellar song FIX
fix the strangely flat dynamic ear in every version of this song
Created 5 years ago
This fix the dynamic/output level of the original cellar song (i lack english vocabular to describe it, but play your own version in winamp you will see the frequency spectrum almost empty resulting a low volume)
i dont understand why even the official ost have this problem

You can compare your own intro with mine here

Use it as an addon for your actual original music mod. replace the asked files.

i also provide the full song from the ost fixed in the 'full song' folders if you need it.
i really think this song is broken, more than all the other tracks that lacks some dynamics too...
if you don't notice a difference, or if my version is worst on your side, please tell me!


x 10
This mod contains:
Background Music
i just open them with Fruity loops 11, and export as ogg or mp3, NOTHING more. I dont even understand why its happening x)
Nice! What program did you use to edit the sound file?
??? really? you dont notice a difference if i understand?
if yes is the answer, i want your version of this song please to see if i have missed something...

in comparison with my official OST, this is far better and have a really more powerfull output (if my english is not so wrong)

with what are you listening your music? winamp? windows media player, an other?
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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