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True Greed Mode
What Greed Mode Should Be
Created 7 years ago
This mod replaces all of the regular enemies with Greed. And replaces all of the bosses (exept for Ultra Greed) with Super Greed


x 23

- Bug fixes

- Added a Hard Mode

anyway to get rid of greed so its just the treasures that changed
it should gradually increase the number of greeds and super greeds in each floor as you go, so each wave would be one greed on the first floor, and two on the second, and so on
can't tell if more difficult or easier. If you can survive one floor, you're garenteed a win.

if you got some reasonable items when purchasing first floor, that is.

Or you aren't being a greedy shit.
All the greed was killed that run, and everyone was happy.
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cool mod, but the treasure room is made the same as in '' Bloat Mod '': - /
Sew... like bloat mode but maybe a tad easier?
harder than the original greed mode
way easier since all the enemies drop lots of money.
Greeds don't drop coins and Steam Sales here.
You just made the monsters only Greeds, and made yourself over powered. That kinda doesn't make it more fun.
so, you ripped off bloat mode but with greed???
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
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