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Live and Learn Hush
Replaces Hush theme with Live and Learn from Sonic
Created 4 years ago
This mod replaces Hush's second phase theme with Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2

To install:
Extract contents of zipped folder to you Binding of Isaac Resources folder

Just another random audio mod


x 20
fits hush more better than the original theme in my opinion
yes im cancerous
make a darude sandstorm one too ^^
why my baby is like this because castle crashers reference ^^
..This is all ive needed in life..Now to wait for I am all of me for hush..
hell yeah this is the best sonic song ever
How do you mod the music because when I try to mod to music is doesnt work
Did you replace with a .ogg (if your trying to replace music) or put it in the resources folder? In the resouces folder it should ge Resources/Music/Afterbirth/morituros (intro/loop).ogg
Hope that answered something
Thank you, maybe you can do something with "Rooftop Run" next!

January 16, 2020 - 7 months ago

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