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The Curse - Isaac Boss Mod
Changes Isaac's (Boss) texture to something more fitting
Created 8 years ago
This mod changes Isaac's (Boss) texture to a more demonlike form. As soon as Isaac switches into his second form, he reveals his inner Demon.


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This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
New Enemies
Whoa how'd you do this? this is amazing
shouldn't the demon side smile actually I'm not sure that would be easy to do i don't think there is a smiling demon texture but if there is could you use that instead
YES. im so glad someone made this. i love it!
Crap, I can't use it since it's a .rar file.
Shouldn't the black wing be like the lord of the pit or Azazel's?
I wanted it to resemble the black angels wing
I think it would have been better if Isaac was normal isaac at the beginning of the fight and becomes the demon form when he starts flying
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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