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Bob's Brain Challenge!
You read the title, you know what this is.
Created 8 years ago


Here it is, we all hate him, we all want him to perish and never come back. We all want him to burn.

Now, he's your only source of damage, your only way to live, and there are lots of him.

Welcome to the Bob's Brain Challenge!

The challenge is simple-

  • You start the run as Isaac with multiple Bob's Brain.
  • You are blindfolded so your only source of damage at the moment is the one and only, Bob's Brain.
  • [*]You must conquer your fear and subside your hatred for this item and become its friend, love him and he will love you back


    x 11
    That reminds me of the times hen I play with Dr. Fetus - every room is pitch black -
    I don't see what's wrong with Bob's Brain, and why everybody hates it.
    cause if you can´t shoot in a long range, the brain might explodes in your face (that brain killed me too many times)
    This is harder than the BBF mode, congrats. Although Pyromaniac would still make this op.
    what happens if i take ludovico technique?
    how to win
    1 get tresure room
    2 see if in it is pyromaniac
    3.1 if no repeat
    3.2 if yes win
    This + Pyromaniac = Instant Win
    April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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