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The Binding of Link
Turns the skin of the game to Zelda Characters
Created 5 years ago


The MOD development is actually stopped but you can comment ideas because i read what you say and i write in a notebook the ideas that i like for when the development continues (Probably at AFTERBIRTH +)

Actual thinks done


  • Isaac is now Link
  • Judas is now Darunia and now he haves hot bombs and fire mind


  • The D6 is the ocarina of time
  • Hot bombs is the fire stone
  • Fire mind is the fire medalion


  • Basement/Burning basement/Cellar are the kokiri forest
  • Caves/Flooded caves/Catacombs are the zora's domain
  • Depths/Dank depths/Necropolis are the death's mountain


x 32

- New Character (Judas is now Darunia)

- Hot bombs and fire mind are now the fire stone and the fire medalion

- Music for Different rooms and floors

- Backgorund of Zora's Domain and Goron's Mountain

- The D6 is now the ocarina of time

the map becomes blank white and isaac doesn't change, help?
Maybe replace the pain and death sounds with Links various grunts?
Mom's knife could be the master sword?
The master sword would be better as the Spear of Destiny AND the trinity shield could be the Hylien Shield And Ultra Greed could be Gannon!
What about the Spear of Destiny? What would that become? Ganon's Trident?
the cage would be a nice (pig) ganondorf from a link to the past!
the 'Pig ganondorf' is 'ganon' XD but i'll put it as mega satan.
Anyway thanks
shw me a screen when you're done pls
Midna could be a character, possibly Azazel or something, if he's not taken.
just i don't knew what can i put like azazel XD
Lot of thanks
Oh and Wallmasters as Mom's Hand
I have a few ideas if you'd be fond of hearing them.

Ganon (OoT Final Boss Version) as Mega Satan
Vaati (Transfigured or Wrath) as the Lamb
Old Man (NES Zelda) as Greed Merchant (and Playable Greed?)
Great Fairy (Any Version) as Angel Statue
Poe as Little Horn
Dark Link as Isaac Mirrors (Enemies copying Isaacs movement and Attacks.)
Various Chuchu versions as Clotties
(A Fairy as 1UP)
Nice ideas! I'll put some of these

But i don't know what can i put like Flying isaac mirrors ;(
Oh! It is Zelda? I love that guy!
my favorite game in my other favorite game
Maybe Majora's Mask Skull Kid could replace ???
what item can have darunia? (in the normal the binding of isaac game)
(he will have the fire medallion and the fire stone but i don't want to turn it too op)
You should rename "Goron's Mountain" to Death Mountain, the mountain that the Gorons live on in the real games. Great mod though!
Maybe Dark Link can be the blue baby since hes like the dead isaac Dark Link is Link's shadow. Or maybe Dark Link can be Judas' Shadow and Dark Link Can Be Judas
I think that skull kid should replace Judas (+Flight) and Judas' shadow should be Majora's mask.
i don't know what to do with skull kid, can you vote what do you want please?
This strawpoll is finished and skull kid finally will be a character and the ??? boss.
Thanks for your feedback
In the description, you spelled Sheik wrong by speeling it like shek...
what about skull kid as a boss or character
i can put it like blue baby and put dark link like Isaac
Hmm... I smell even more hype for Breath of the Wild here...
Cool (Your comment must contain more text)
you should make my shadow the in-wall form from the game (i forgot the name) where you can go into the walls
it's a great idea, a idea very... aBULLsome xD
oooo okay i don't understood your first comment XD
i'll try to do this after finish a think that i'm doing
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.