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Diminutive Dingle
Lil Gurdy -> Dingle/Dangle
Created 4 years ago

Another boss turned into a familiar
Check my other mods if you want more of them.

There is a Dingle and a Dangle version included for whether you like corn or not.


[I don't included an edited items file because they make compatibility a pain]


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This mod is awesome, you should definitely make more for a pack
No offense, but why is the sprite so tall? Like it feels like you could cut off the top half of the sprite and it'd look fine.
Hm, maybe put the face on the top half of the sprite? I think that'd look better with how the to-half looks rather spherical, like it looks more like Dingle's sprite.
Never thought poop could be cute, but it is here!
this would be perfect with the literal bum mod
I didn't know I needed this until now. Amazing mod!
Finally, a mod I can relate to!

This retexture is actually REALLY DANG GOOD, in my humble opinion. Excellent job!
This mod is total....Shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Get it?

YES! I really wanted a mod like this!
looks better now! i love dangle!!! i want it!!! heart and money for you
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