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Play as God! - The Lost Mod
Changes "The Lost" to "God"
Created 7 years ago
"I feel all... I know all... I am all... I AM GOD"

God starts with Holy Grail, The Halo, The Soul, The Mind, The Body and Godhead.

The mod might seem OP, but it isn't. Because most of the items are unlocked while playing with "The Lost", it rewards you for beating bosses with "God" and makes every playtrough easier. Unlike some other "The Lost" mods, this one doesn't even add "Holy Mantle", so watch out for enemies, you are still a one-hit kill!
Please report bugs and share your thoughts in the comments! Have fun!


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This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
General Gameplay
When I put the players file I cant open tboi :/
что нужно сделать что бы получить это??????????

Это лост его открыть так что у тя если есть постер то тогда иди в комнату жертвоприношения (Шипик)
awesome! plz update 4 afterbirth though!
it would have holy mantle due to the way afterbirth unlocks work, so that would just make this another OP mod.
Hey, does this work with afterbirth? Purity would be fun...
Wow this is a really nice mod.
@LampenpamGER i know, but it's still one of the "I am..." items and I thought it would be cooler to add them all.
"the body" seems kinda useless since you still die after one hit.
Hmm this is clever and I really like how you get rewarded for beating things. I also like the visuals of this.
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.