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The Skeleton King (??? fight)
Dare you wake him from his slumber?
Created 5 years ago

This mod is a HARDCORE mod that remakes blue baby into the skeleton king

This is just the first part to a larger mod I'm wanting to make that makes certain parts of the game HELL

What it do?

This mod changes the ??? fight into the skeleton king, the room where you fight ??? is now slightly bigger and filled to the brim with boneys, death skulls and the 4 guardians (as I like to call them.

Warning: this mod will probably be more obnoxious then mega satan

You have been warned

Download, if you dare!

Things I'm planning

-The chest to be remodeled to a tomb
-The Dark Room and the lamb to be remodeled and made harder
_Mega Satan to be remodeled and made harder
-Hush and his floor to be remodeled and made harder
-Special Rooms to be changed (probably for the worst ;) )

See you next time >


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I really hate to burst your bubble, but there are quite a few flaws with this mod.

First of all, Antibirth is already on its way to overthrow Godmode, and AB+ is literally 2 days away. When it comes up, feel free to continue the mod in AB+.

However, AB+ should have better tools than increased boss health and bullshit enemy placement (4 Forsakens will eventually make the room unplayable). Hell, you should be able to improve the graphics a wee bit more (if you aren't a artist, I understand). If you want to improve difficulty, code some new bullet patterns in AB+ and call it a day.

TL;DR I'd suggest giving up and starting from scratch in AB+. But hey, you do you.

>make hush harder
give hush 2 fucking AK-47s
Or double his health. Or, knowing his way to make "new bosses" that lacks creativity, place 4 Ultra Greeds in the Hush room.
No, he's at least savvy enough with his design to not be that lazy.

It'd probably be more like Hush, with 4 Ultra Greeds, a line of green Bloats at the top of the toom, 50 Little Horns spread equally throughout, two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
lets look at the decription for a sec, WHAT IT DO
with this fight change the fught nusic to spooky scary skeleton (lol)
Actually sprite this :P don't copy and paste with paint :P
The crowd of skeletons have come!
That is awesome! Call this mod the "DLC" (Even though I don't think that it counts) or the extension of the other mod!
Nice mod! But try making a remastered version of this sprite,i know that this mod is an alpha,thx!
I know, it is a bit tacky, but eventualy I will straight up retexture blue baby instead of just copy and pasting the boney.
mabey i could help...

Just offering
i know this my be a bit offensive but..... WUT IT DO

Why arent you awnsering???
ok, just go message me on steam if you want to help.
Really nice mod, love it and cant wait to see more!
April 5, 2021 - 3 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.