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Final Fantasy Buster Sword for Isaac
It changes the spear of destiny to look like the Buster Sword.
Created 7 years ago
Its the Buster Sword, thats it. It should have the same reach as the original sword.


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- I didn't realize the one I modified was for a challenge only so I changed it for the regular one too.

- Thank Stewartisme, he made a new version of the blade with a thicker outline to match the game and allowed me to upload it.

By "Fire Sword" I'm guessing you mean the Spear of Destiny? Great spritework though
Idk there were two files and I know one of them was the spear of destiny and the other had firesword in the name, tbh idk the real item name.
Firesword...wait...that's not anything anyone seems to know about...what's a hint for afterbirth +!
Nah I think its just a reskin for the spear, might have to update it if other people can't get it.
could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``?
As long as you don't say that you made it, just tell me when it releases.
Thanks again, but thank the one that made it better.
Thank Stewartisme, he made the new version of the sword
I like the sprite
I'd suggest adding a thicker outline to make it fit in with the Isaac sprite style a bit more.
You want be to update it with that, I can do it tomorrow if you want?
If you would like to
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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