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Use arcade machines faster!
Created 5 years ago

Sometimes, the animations when donating to the donation machine or playing a beggar are annoying. This mod fixes that!



Notice the speed difference.

Things changed:

  • Donation Machine
  • Greed Donation Machine
  • Shell game
  • All beggars (normal, demon, key, and bomb)
  • Shop restock machine

Note: I haven't found a way to change slot machines, blood banks, and fortune tellers yet. It may be impossible.


x 40
This didn't work for me. But i REALLY wish it did
Man this mod is a God send, I've always hated using the gambling bum cause it took too darn long to sit through his animations. So I normally blew him up. But not today >
Too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast XD
could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``?
Sure, as long as you give credit!
It should work in rebirth... If you find any issues reply.
Huh, apparently if you add this mod in Rebirth it makes the intro screen as if you were in Afterbirth
Yes. I edited the title screen for Afterbirth. I have no inclination to fix this, unless there is a lot of demand.
I don't really mind it, its actually pretty cool.
Still, it doesnt seem to work on rebirth. How do I properly install it?
... i assumed it would given your comment. Rebirth version coming soon now!
какой крутой мод!
О русский наконец то кстати я могу тебе скинуть ссылку на крутой мод в этом моде сразу откроешь персонажа the lost вот ссылка:
Незачто,у меня вопрос а как открыть такие аватарки как у тебя плиз помоги хоть одну аватарку открыть
скачивай больше модов оценивай (оставляй коментарии) получай монетки заходи в home потом в магазин значков и покупай скины.
ещё ,скинь сылку на твой аккаунт.
Аккаунт в стим?Зачем?
СПС короч
И вот посмотри моё видео в котором рассказывается как пользоватся этим модом который открывает the lost вот ссылка на моё видео:
Thanks! I am definitely using it myself!
Uh, what? The game is hardly, if any easier, than it was before. It simply makes donation to the donation machine(and beggars) faster..
this isnt a graohics mod really...
Yes but IIRC you can only get them from the Judgement tarot.
If I Recall Correctly, iirc.
never seen the bomb beggar... i dont think he is a thing unless in afterbirth + screenshot or other mod.
Bomb beggar was added in Afterbirth, and are, according to the wiki, "extremely rare". I've only seen one once in actual gameplay.

Wiki Page
Really great job on the icon of the mod
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.