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Uidsea's Popular Synergies
All characters now have synergies from uidsea's popular series
Created 5 years ago
This mod adds the synergies from Uidsea's popular synergies series

This mod is for afterbirth only!

Isaac: 8 Inch Nail Gun
Magdalene: Bubble Shield
Cain: Dr Brimstone
Judas: Laser Ring Redux
Blue Baby: Mr Freeze (Freeze Ray)
Eve: Laser Ring Light Show
Samson: Remote Control Orbit
Azazel: Singularity
Lazarus: UFO
Eden: Shrink Ray
Lilith: Around The World

Check out the bearded god Uidsea's Youtube channel!!!

(This is my first mod and it's not that complex)

Just drop the players.xml into your resources folder for the binding of isaac afterbirth


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I think I now know why people take time and effort to make mods, because the amount of support I've gotten over this last while has been insane!! I just wanna say thanks to all of you, every single god damn magnificent one of you! More cringe worthy s**t coming soon
I just got a notification saying one of my mods has been deleted even though they are all still there, I even checked, maybe the mod rejected the deletion, I mean, it still says it in my inbox, so yeah thats odd, maybe a mod can explain what might have happened or something, like I'm super duper confused.
I shouldn't make mods as a past time
dr brimstone crash my computer
You should put a download link to CClauncher so that people can know how he did it. (for the people that pay no attention to his videos.
Thanks, I love your content, keep up your good work uidsea!!!
April 5, 2021 - 2 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.