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Brimsy - Brimstone w/all characters
Mostly balanced brimstone for all characters.
Created 8 years ago
As the title says, it's a simple mod which balances characters by shortening their life. This mod is really quite simple, yet fun and challenging with some characters. Only a few characters do not have less health to balance their brimstone (e.g. the keeper; good luck with that slow tear rate). Enjoy!


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It's really cool that You balanced characters
I really don't like too easy runs. They aren't funny if i don't have challenge with them.
It mostly balances itself out, as Brimstone naturally kills your tear rate, but it does help on some bits
ey feel free. It's not bad in my personal opinion although pretty overpowered haha
Pliz add in this fashion Mega Blast
Mm I don't think so. Maybe in another mod but it would have to be balanced...
Pretty basic really. Adds the passive collectible Brimstone to all the characters, for the better or the worse (usually the better). Brimstone is an item which replaces tears with a red laser that is rather destructive.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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