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VGM Music Pack 2
Even more music from various other games
Created 7 years ago
Here it is, the (long awaited?) second music pack. I think that this pack is definitely better than the first one, and is better quality. Most songs in here have been tweaked to loop better, and specifically the chest and ultra greed themes have notable intros meaning that the song will loop in a different way after the first repeat.

To install place the music folder inside the resources folder next to the packed folder.

EDIT: Track Listing
Title: Welcome To The Information Superhighway - Kyle Gabler
Basement: Bynn The Breaker - Darren Korb
Cellar: Tropic of Capricorn - Chris Christodoulou
Burning Basement: Scorch'n'Torch - David Wise
Caves: Cyclogenesis - Chris Christodoulou
Catacombs: Mining Melancholy - David Wise
Flooded Caves: 25.3°N 91.7°E - Chris Christodoulou
Depths: Crystals - M.O.O.N
Necropolis - Styx and Stones - Danny Baranowsky
Dank Depths: Nuts and Bolts - Eveline Fischer
Womb: Hot Head Bop - David Wise
Scarred Womb: Obituary - Carpenter Brut
Cathedral: Arctic Oscillation - Chris Christodoulou
Chest: Steak Thru The Heart - Ridiculon
Sheol: Sirens and Devils - Finn M-K
Dark Room: Cog In The Machine - Kyle Gabler
Blue Womb: Screamer - Kyle Gabler

Boss: Hailstorm - Chris Christodoulou
Boss Alt - Pepper Steak - Alias Conrad Coldwood
Ambush: Percy's Escape - Darren Korb
Mom: Metalmancy - Danny Baranowsky
It Lives: 165° - Scattle
Isaac: Carmeaty Burana - Danny Baranowsky
Satan: Fasten Your Meatbelts - Ridiculon
???: Meatal Acropolis - Ridiculon
The Lamb: Meat Yer Maker - Ridiculon
Hush: Precipitation - Chris Christodoulou
Ultra Greed: Throw Another Banjo On The Fire - Ridiculon

Calm: Twilight Terror(Stickerbrush Symphony) - David Wise
Secret: Chanson d'Automne.. - Chris Christodoulou
Shop: Savory Salutations - David Stanton
Library: Sun and Moon - SY1K1/kamakazi
Arcade: Doctors Orders - Scattle
Devil: Misty Menace - David Wise
Angel: Are You Coming Home, Love MOM - Kyle Gabler
Death: Seashore War - David Wise
Credits: Leather Glove(Well Done) - Ridiculon


x 16

- Updated Ultra Greed's music to loop properly.

There are instructions for Afterbirth+ in the description for the Dark Souls/Bloodborne Music Pack.
The preview music sounds really familiar, what is it from?
Bynn The Breaker from Bastion.
Thanks, that was driving me nuts.
can i have both of your vgm game music mods at the same time?
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!