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Playable Dark Bum!
Play As Dark Bum
Created 6 years ago

Replaces Azazel

-starting items-
Libra(for nerfing azazel.)
Mom's eyeshadow
Mini mush
One Red Heart


x 51

- Fixed some bugs :P

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
I got it working but keeper and Lilith are invisible I GOT A MOD FOR REBIRTH WORKING FOR AFTERBIRTH HELL YEAH
like cmon I cant load this accept for one time when I bombarded my game with mods and it was still glitchy
how is this not seal of aproval yet???
I've made a compatible Afterbirth version of this, if you want I can upload it for you otherwise I'll just PM you it.
please upload it it would mean the world to me
ok a mod that makes me love this bastard yay
Now this bastard can take hearts when I want him to. Thanks m8
i love this mod but i cant drop the winRAR file directly into my folder.. i have to take the stuff out and since it has the same file names as some other mod i have, i cant use both mods at once...
Why I can't download any mod :'(. I have a shared copy, I opened this but I can't Dx. And my Steam account is in public
you could always give him an invisible dark bum familiar or something
Well that's one adorable piece of a character right there
Why not add The Relic or a similar item that has to do with Spirit Hearts? Having only Gimpy kind of takes away from the whole "Dark Bum." factor of the character. (great mod regardless though )
One of my favorite mods of all time ^.^ got some video footage if you want to use it
Dark Bum > Azazel
Plus dark bum is adorable
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