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Maggy the Mineral
Another Dark Souls Inspired Character Mod
Created 6 years ago

Not 'just' a rock.

Changes Magdalene to Havel the Rock

Afterbirth Only (for now)


  • New Starting Items for Maggy; Infamy, Trinity Shield, PJs, Dead Onion, Eve's Mascara and The Tower card
  • Changed Names, Sprites and Flavour Texts for Infamy, Trinity Shield and PJs

With this mod, I tried to emphasise Maggy's role as a Tank character by giving her multiple defensive Items. To compensate, Eve's Mascara and Dead Onion decrease both range and speed of the tears fired, forcing one to get close and personal, furthermore increasing the importance of the added protection.
The intention behind this is to create tension especially in situations where one encounters many enemies at once and/or charging ones.

Please report any bugs or problems down below.
I also appreciate suggestions for balancing in case the changes to the charater made the game too easy or too difficult.


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I love the sprite work. It looks great!
Nice mod, i like the sprite work as it conveys the message you're trying to get across and its kinda a fun thing to play.
Thanks, I do appreciate the feedback.
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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