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VGM Music Pack 1
A bunch of music from various games
Created 6 years ago
This is a music pack with various songs from different games. You can download it if you want to change the soundtrack to something else, or want to find different music to listen to (the music is quite diverse).

I don't know what else to put here.

To install place the music folder next to the packed folder in resources in the game's files.
EDIT: Track Listing
Title - In Bloom - SY1K1/kamakazi
Basement - Disco Descent - Danny Baranowky
Cellar - Hydrogen - M.O.O.N
Burning Basement - Spike in a Rail - Darren Korb
Caves - Mortars, Baby - Finn M-K
Catacombs - Dance of The Decorous - Danny Baranowky
Flooded Caves - The Bottom Feeders - Darren Korb
Depths - Visitors - Scattle
Necropolis - Meet Matt Stryker - Carpenter Brut
Dank Depths - Krook's March - David Wise
Womb - Regurgitation Pumping Station - Kyle Gabler
Scarred Womb - Crimson - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Cathedral - Meat Continuum - Ridiculon
Chest - Aquaduct Assault - David Wise
Sheol - Hell Toupé - Ridiculon
Dark Room - Boss 3 - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Blue Womb - Pale Watchers- Darren Korb

Boss - Boss 1 - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Boss Alt - Enemy Approaching - Toby Fox
Ambush - Boss 2 - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Mom -The Battle of Lil' Slugger - Danny Baranowsky
It Lives - Double Fucking Rainbow - Chris Christodoulou
Isaac - Plantera - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Satan - Punch Bowl - David Wise
??? - Tropic of Cancer
The Lamb - Moon Lord - Scott Lloyd Shelley
Hush - Momentum Mori - Danny Baranowsky
Ultra Greed - Crocodile Cacaphony - David Wise

Calm - Burning Man - Kyle Gabler
Secret Room - Graphics Processing Unit - Kyle Gabler
Shop - Graze The Roof - Laura Shigihara
Library - Rain Rain Windy Windy - Kyle Gabler
Arcade - Betus Blues - Danny Baranowsky
Devil - Endless Hallway - Alias Conrad Coldwood
Angel Room - Maneuvers - SY1K1/kamakazi
Death - Best Of Times - Kyle Gabler

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Hello love your mod
What's the name of the Caves and Cathedral Theme ?
Caves: Mortars, Baby from the Creeper World 3 soundtrack.
Cathedral: Meat Continuum from the Super Meat Boy PS4/Vita soundtrack.
You got the Cathedral theme right but the (normal) cave theme is wrong
Can you double check it ?
No, I just found an app to find the music and it was "Timelapse". I think you mixed up the themes there.
That's odd. I downloaded the mod myself and checked the music and it was definitely M,B. Timelapse is supposed to be in 3.
Well atleast for me it is the normal Caves Theme. But it's okay ^^

By the way, I am planning on making a music mod for Afterbirth +, can I use some of these songs (max. 3) and create a new mod with them ? I'd credit you if you want ^^
I don't see why not, and you don't need to credit me, because these songs are not mine.
Well, the thing is that some people might mind if I did something like this. It just feels like stealing when I use your idea of where to put the song. But if you're okay with it, thats nice.

Hey dude really cool mod, btw what is the music for Kave Diluvii ? Keep up the good work
The Bottom Feeders by Darren Korb.
What's the satan fight one? I really want to know.
That'd be this one:
Was not expecting that at all. thought it would be from something else.
April 5, 2021 - 10 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.