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The cheating of Isaac
Gives every character the ability to win instantly
Created 9 years ago


This Mod is only created with legal methods and does not corrupt any files. It only changes the player.xml file so it is an officially legit Modification.
It just make the game super easy ;)


- Adds every currently unlocked Item to the player at the beginning of a new run (If you unlocked it you will own it ;) )
- This includes a complete MEAT BOY and BANDAGE GIRL
- Gives every Character 99 Coins, Boms and Keys
- (Mostly) maximized Stats
- NEVER die again ;)
- Invincibility and deadly hugs ;)
- get Platinum god with closely no efford
- EDEN and THE LOST are effected to (maxed live, invincibility, deadly hugs all items)

Possible Unlocks with this mod:

- All collecting item X achievements
- all "BOY" Achievements (dont get hit on floor X)
- Guppy, Lord of Flys, BANDAGE GIRL, MEAT BOY
- Easy fill ups of donation maschines with unlimited money and a maxed out luck stat

Achievements this mod cant do for you:

- get 100 deaths
- finish game X times *
- kill Boss X Y-times *
- donate 999 coins *

* but you can easy do that with this mod ;)

Example usage:

After installing the Mod just start the game. You can play your current save file or start a new one. then just choose a character and start the game (Hardmode for more unlocks ;) ). if you Touch any enemy they mostly die instantly AND you will be invincible for ~10sec in EVERY room. So just cuddle with everything and you will be fine ;) (isaac needs ~5-7sec to die). If you rush the game you need around 7mins till you finished 1 run (8mins with boss rush)

Afterbirth version by 'Logical'

Installation instructions:

1. Download File
2. unzip
3. place the players.xml into the resource folder
4. play the game


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does this mod work for afterbirth+ ?
i will use this after i beat one of my save files
Would you mind if i made a afterbirth edition for this?

I would mention you of course...
Sees 2 more mods that are only for Rebirth...
Can i do them too?

(No Clip, Invincibility)
To be honest i already have them done...
Just waiting for your aprovall

Because im somebody who plays by the rules

Thats done
why did you only add certain afterbirth items to the characters, not all ? (...416,417,433,440" that leaves out more than 25 items...)
The active items...
Also something was wrong with the character editor...
just add them manually (edit the xml file), and you can improve this mod further by editing the items.xml file as well. just remove every occurence of 'achievement="[NUMBER]" '. this will disable the case, that items need to be unlocked first before the mod adds them to the player.

and yes, you can create afterbirth versions of noclip mod. but dont create one for invincibility as long as you are not 100% sure it works correctly.
Im working on the invincebility right now...
Lets just say i wont upload it untill there are no problems anymore

And if i take away that you need the achivement first it wouldnt be this mod anymore...

And i think that people should work at least a bit ;)

No clip done XDDD
no clip mod looks good. thank you for the transfer to afterbirth
Your welcome

Trying to do invincible now
Emphesis on trying

Its not working, yet
just go into the resources folder and there delete every file and folder in it EXCEPT the folder "Packed".
is it possible to remove it afterwards?
yes. just remove the installed files.
will this mod be available for afterbirth?
will this mod be available for afterbirth?
Great work! A bit boring to smash away every worm with unlimited powah, but still fun.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!