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Curse of Bob's brain.
Changes curse of the blind to everyone's FAVORITE item!
Created 4 years ago
Changes the curse of the blind to everyone's FAVORITE item! Bob's BEAUTIFUL Brain! ;) (If your wondering why I made this train-wreck, I was bored in class so I made this)

(PS The Binding of Isaac Hard Mode was used in this mod link here)


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Especially when I have small dmg - this item have carried many of my games.
I forgot this mod even existed, but it should work with all DLC's its only a texture, changing mod.
This is a good mod but I hat you :-:
It's sounds creepy but i love bobs brain
BOB Wy do you existe (burst in tears)
I wonder if there's a way to bring back the April Fools mechanics... then there's more of a chance to get Bob's Brain when it's not there!
Next you should make all the challenge runs the "Brains!" challenge!
NO LOVE FOR BOB'S BRAIN!!! (Sorry, that item just made me cry too many times )
January 16, 2020 - 12 days ago

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