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Hotline Miami Music Pack
^What the title says.^
Created 5 years ago
A music pack that replaces most of the music in the game with songs from Hotline Miami 2! (Title Screen, It Lives, Isaac, ???, Satan, The Lamb and Hush fight music is not changed).

Yes I am aware that some (2) songs aren't from HM2, but they're similar enough.

There is an occasional glitch where the music won't play, just leave the run and return.

To install place the music folder in the zip file next to the packed folder in "resources" in the game files.

EDIT: Song Listing
Title Screen - None
Basement - Decade Dance - Jasper Byrne
Cellar - Voyager - Jasper Byrne
Burning Basement - New Wave Hookers - Vestron Vulture
Caves - NARC - Mega Drive
Catacombs - Sexualizer - Pertubator
Flooded Caves- Hotline Miami Theme - Benny Smiles
Depths- Future Club - Pertubator
Necropolis - Slum Lord - Mega Drive
Dank Depths - Abyss -LiPi Sound
Womb - Delay - M.O.O.N
Scarred Womb - Quixotic - M.O.O.N
Cathedral - In The Face Of Evil - Magic Sword
Chest - Escape From Midwich Valley - Carpenter Brut
Sheol - Divide - Magna
Dark Room - Run - iamthekidyouknowwhatimean
Blue womb - Fahkeet - Light Club

Boss - Le Perv - Carpenter Brut
Boss Alt - Acid Spit - Mega Drive
Ambush - Turbo Killer - Carpenter Brut
Mom - Pursuit - Gesaffelstein

Calm - Interlude - Chromacle
Secret - Daisuke - El Huervo
Shop - Blizzard - Light Club
Library & Arcade - Rust - El Huevo
Devil - We're Sorry - Life Companions
Angel - Untitled - The Green Kingdom
Death - Dust - M.O.O.N

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