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Spears Rooms Mod
Many new rooms to make your run better. Or worse.
Created 8 years ago


This mod simply adds many more rooms to your game. While I may not have the exact statistics, Some changes are:
- Changed all existing item rooms (Including Greed ones)
- A whole bunch more Item Rooms, ranging from Crap, to Godly. (192 I believe, including greedmode item rooms.)
- New Crawlspaces!
- Shops have much more variants, plus there's reroll machines in some of them, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.
- Changed the Blue Womb.
- Dark Room now has 5 stone chests (guaranteeing an item), and 3 spare black hearts, rather than 4 red chests
- Some Secret room, Curse room and Challenge room buffs.

To install, simply place the folder named 'rooms' into your resources folder, and run the game. Its as easy as that.


x 163

- Fixed Hush item rooms having way too many items (I thought you'd only be able to pick one)

- Balanced shops

- Fixed some secret rooms overlapping if you save and exited.

- Obligatory item room addition. (10 more of those bad boys)

- Fixed room's chopping and changing when exiting and reopening.

- Fixed Hush.

- 5 new item rooms, and another 8 or so added to the Hush floor.

- New crawlspaces.

- 1 New Super Secret room!

- New Starting rooms, though they don't seem to work.

- More Item rooms! (More generic ones, might I add.)

- Some new Curse Rooms.

- Some new Challenge Rooms.

- Altered Hush floor a bit.

- More Chest rooms contain an item.

- More Secret Rooms.

- More Super Secret Rooms.

- Gamebreaking addition will be updated soon.

- More Item rooms!

- Changed Boss Rush!

- A new Crawl space. (yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy....)

- Hush floor Overhaul

- Updated the Gamebreaking Edition!

- New Sacrafice rooms!

- 12 New item rooms! Including one I'm sure everyone will love >:)

- Added a new Gamebreaking Version, which flips the game on its head, causing more fun and OP rooms to be 2x more common, and common rooms to be much more rare.

- 40+ New Item Rooms

- Shops have been altered slightly

- Rebalanced some rooms

Can we get this on the steam workshop?
Maybe at a later date; when I'm not on a massive isaac burnout.
Is there an aftherbirth+ version please?
not until the basement renovator updates. The current room editor bugs me.
Hey Man i am doing a Mega Room pack that will probbly have alot of rooms (didnt count) Do u mind if i use your mod to make the pack i will credit you
No sorry, despite the fact that this mod has gone seemingly silent, I plan on bringing it back eventually.

I appreciate you asking first though, thanks
can i help u atleast coz i finished the mega room pack i was working on has morethen 800 rooms
Sick bro. but it make item rooms to hard some times
Have You thought about update this mod to Afterbirth Plus?
This mod is really cool and was popular so i think that people will be happy ;)
And I really really enjoy Your mod but I only use AB+ :c
Yes I have thought about it but I hate the room editor.
how do I uninstall the mod and get the dark room back?
delete the rooms folder in your resources folder, or just DarkRoom.stb if you still want the mod
Few things for other players, considering I've used this mod for a while. Don't read if you want the mod spoiled.

1: Tends to tip RNG in the player's favor, making most runs winnable within a single floor. Example being a whole mess of soul and regular hearts in a sacrifice room guaranteeing a mega satan fight later.

2: Doesn't play too well with the new floor in afterbirth + (Spoiler so don't go looking for it)

3: Rooms don't seem to be balanced well. Can have multiple items in an item room, tipping into the players favor.

4: Does a LOT to blue womb. Adds item rooms with multiple items and choices, along with a shop with almost guaranteed damage walking in and chests upon spawning in.

5: Curse rooms and Angel rooms have practically guaranteed items. I like that it makes Angel rooms relevant, but takes away from the fact that Devil rooms are supposed to be superior in terms of risk/reward. On the matter of curse rooms, hope you like guppy.


That being said, it does add variety, which keeps things fresh, but ultimately is going to make the game easier. With respect to the developer, look elsewhere if you want a challenging addition. The amount of times you'll get a bad room is far outweighed by the amount of rooms that will give you more benefits than usual.
To address issue number 2, that's because it is not compatible with AB+

I will probably completely remake this for AB+, with balancing things being kept in mind.
Sounds good, man. Looking forward to your update! Wasn't trying to bash your mod or nothing, just pointing out stuff I felt that could use fixing, haha
Maybe you could just remove the objects from Hush's boos room?
He can get stuck if he moves towards the fires while moving sunken into the ground, endlessy throwing tears at you, and that's an issue if you have no bombs to put the fire out with...
And the spikes, if he pops up while on top of them, they will do a hella lot of damage to him, easily cheesing out the fight :u
does this change greed mode room?
It changes Greed Mode item rooms and some Angel rooms
Please, say that you have deleted undestructable stones in blue womb! Hush glitched on them every time! BTW, This mod is epic

Yes I have! The hush fight now only contains blue fires and spikes
0/10, gave me double bloat on Caves II when I was playing the keeper
Well, I have never actually got that room to spawn, so consider that good luck, I guess.
im gonna ask evry mod creator this: is it rebirth compatable?
No it is not. That's why there is the Afterbirth logo above the download button.
did now see that the should put arrows next to it
Good mod! Congratulations! claps* claps* claps*
Many mods have tried to do extra rooms, but this one does it the best.
Is this compatible with other room adding mods?
Nope. Very few, if not no room adding mods are compatible. Sorry.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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