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Custom challenge - Here comes the money!
Player: Keeper Difficulty: 6/10 Fun value: 8/10
Created 7 years ago
This is a custom challenge I made for the Keeper.


You must play as the Keeper.

You can keep your trinket and active item.

You cannot use any mods that change: players.xml, entities2.xml, and itempools.xml.

You must play on hard, No greed mode/Normal mode.

You cannot use dice rooms that re-roll your items. (1 and 6)

No cheat engine or cheat mods.

The challenge:

Enemy and boss heath have been increased by 400%

The Keeper now starts with:

D20 as the active item.

Rib Of Greed as the trinket.

IX - The Hermit as the card/pill.

The Parasite, Tractor Beam, Head of the Keeper, Money = Power, Cupid's arrow, Bum Friend, Bumbo, Continuum, Soy milk,
and Cricket's body as the passive items.

Some items have been removed from all itempools.


Check the "Information.txt" file for more details on the itempools and items.

This challenge was made with Cjreek's Afterbirth Custom Challenge Creator.

If you have any suggestions about other challenges or this one, Please leave a comment to let me know, You will be credited.


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- Added info file.

April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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