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The Binding of Isaac: Monochrome Edition
Early Alpha [Abandoned]
Created 8 years ago
This mod make Binding of Isaac looks like battle mode in Undertale.

It's mod is very alpha and it's abandoned now! Sorry! It's more complicated than i thought. If you want, you can continue my work.

Replaced sprites:

  • Isaac
  • rocks in basement
  • poops
  • some gapers
  • Monstro

P.S. I recommend use this mod with Complete Undertale Music Overhaul mod.


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The correct term for this is "monochrome". Also, can't you just batch convert all the images?
I really like the original binding of undertale mod better, but I think you should incorporate this into something else, non-undertale-related, if that makes sense
I really like this reskin, it looks really nice!
But, I don't exactly get why it has to be labeled with undertale. It could very well just be a normal B/W skin and I'm sure it would've gotten just as popular!

But still, very nice work. The coloring didn't leave anything out or overdo anything, and that's really good to do. Good job!
I'm looking forward to where this mod goes!
Dude, just drop the Undertale theme and this is a very cool looking stylized mod. Great work though, hope to see this worked on more!
This mod simply looks black and white. I can see what you were going for, but I think it needs just a little more work. The mod still looks very good, just maybe not an 'Undertale Mod'.
This mod don't looks like undertale, change name of your mod, please. Because this mod original and don't looks like undertale battle mod.
Sorry, i bad know english.
And your mod very good!
thing is tho, that this resembles the battles in undertale.
You know how those look? Black&white enemies and borders. It doesn't focus on the "ACT", etc buttons, nor the background in the usual fights. I hope this makes sense.
Thank you! At least somebody figured it!
This make SANS. But this mod looks so diffrent! Im mean this mod very good, but this mod looks better and more detalied, than undertale battle mod.
This mod looks like gameboy graphics, i think "Gameboy isaac" better name.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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