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Curse Reverser
[BROKEN CURRENTLY]Limit your curses today! [PC ONLY]
Created 8 years ago

This tool allows you to select the curses that you are able to receive ingame.

You need Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2 or Higher to use this mod.

Bug reporting:

If you find a bug, please post a comment explaining EXACTLY what happened and how it happened.

Feature suggestions:

Please comment if you have a FAQ question or other suggestion


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- Now auto-exports when launching. Thanks Hlavacan.

- Expanded FAQ

- more hotfix

- hotfix

The program seems to only searching for the isaac program installed in C:/, which is not always true: Mine's installed in D:/.
This program is broken, but you could press the "..." to find your folder if it's different.
Despite clicking "no curses" and despite exporting the curses.xml, and despite no "Curse of the ____ appearing, I still got Curse of the Maze, Curse of Darkness, and Curse of the Blind.

In the same run.
Good to hear! Looking forward to never having to deal with Curse of the Blind's shit
I haven't tried it yet, but this tool looks good
Well, I downloaded and installed your mod on Windows. The first round I got immediately a Curse of Darkness, so...I don't have to explain. Uninstalled.
Explain "installed." You don't need to put the files anywhere, you just need to run the .exe.
Sorry, there are lots of mods I use so it's easy to misinterpret. I used the no curses option and then launched the game, but it did not work. That's all.
Ahh. I think I know. Did you export first? If not, I'll make it auto-export when you press the "Launch Game" button.
I don't quite remember, but I must forgot that part. I try it again then. Thanks for your help.
"In my opinion, Curse of the Labyrinth isn't really a curse."
Ok, so... is it possible to disable it or not?

If you disable it, XL floors will still show up, they just won't have the curse banner.

Which isn't a big loss in my opinion.
oh. well, cool. its good that you tested enough to catch that, i honestly probably wouldnt have
LOL! This is interesting! Why does it say [PC ONLY]? XD Like it wasn't obvious enough!
PC means windows. PC only means no Mac or Linux.
Sorry I thought you meant computer only! XD
Curse of the Blind..... Seriously, what jerk came up with the idea for that one? >_
Great mod! I have always had a little hatred towards the curses and this is the perfect fix!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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