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DOOM 1 & 2 Music for Afterbirth!
Adds pretty much all songs from DOOM 1 & 2 to Afterbirth!
Created 7 years ago
As the title suggests, this mods changes all the music in Afterbirth.


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Nice mod but when I play the normal song plays then the doom songs
nice mod man, now i'm going to play brutal doom because of you

Also, might i suggest a way to fix the intro thing?

You don't have to have intros, you could have empty OGG files and then name them as the intros, so the game will skip over them and just go to the doom music right away.
Thanks, But I use a mod to help me.
I just happen to fall in love in you
I've never realized how fitting the doom music is... 10/10

Gonna go play brutal doom now.
I've really enjoyed this mod (DOOM was one of my favorite games growing up). My only issue is that this only replaces the loops and not the intro for songs, which means that the game plays the original music for a few seconds before playing the DOOM music. It's not a huge deal, but it does break the immersion. Beyond that though it's a good mod.
I'm gonna fix this, Just missed a file.
If I can find some, I will add sound effects.
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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