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Rupees For Coins - AFTERBIRTH
The long awaited update for the Rupees for Coins Patch!
Created 5 years ago
About the future of this mod: Yes, i do plan to port this mod to Afterbirth+, i don't think that it's going to be hard, i plan on a total overhaul of certain items (i don't understand why i made some rupees Wider than others.) and other stuff. please be patient.

This mod Replaces any type of Coin realted item to a Ruppe!

This mod changes items, characters, trinkets, slot machines, bosses, enemies and more!

New Stuff has appeared in the basement!

Red Rupees! these rupees are extremly valuable for it's lucky effects!

I AM ERROR has fallen into the basement! now you can play with your favourite Zelda II Character! (Reskin for Keeper)

New Trinkets!

    A Swallowed Rupee! (Swallowed Penny)
    A Beedle's Freebie Card! (Store Credit)
    A Butt Rupee! (Butt Penny)
    A Bloody Rupee! (Bloody Penny)
    A Burnt Rupee! ( Burnt Penny)
    A Flat Rupee! (Flat Penny)
    and Counterfeit Rupee (Counterfeit Penny)

New Items!

    A Orange Rupee! (A Dollar)
    Beedle's Diamond Card! (Steam Sale)
    A Purple Rupee! (A Quarter)
    A Sack of Rupees! (Sack of Pennies)
    A Cursed Rupee! (Money = Power)
    Beedle's Coupon! (Pageant Boy)
    A Rainbow Rupee! (3 Dollar Bill)
    A Wooden Rupee! (Wooden Nickel)
    And The Head of Error! (Head of the Keeper)

Rupees are the New Coins, so the enemies have changed!

    Ultra Greed Minions now have Rupees For Eyes! Ranging from Green Rupees To Red Rupees

    Ultra Greed noticed that Rupees are Way more valuable than Coins, now he has Rupees for his Coins!

    Ultra Greed Also decided to Spit Rupoors than Coins!

Misc Changes:

    The slot Machine and Beggars only accept Rupees Now!

    Green is the new Gold. The Golden Poop is now made of Rupees!

    After Donating a certain amount of Rupees to the Greed Machine, some Shopkeepers will have Ruppees in their eyes!

The mod comes with a patch for non epileptic rupoors!

Next update brings: Patches for Agony of Isaac, The Binding of Isaac GOD MODE, Super Greed Sprite.


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Yes! I was hoping there was one that worked for Afterbirth
could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``? (not all files will be used)
As long as you post a url in you mod thread i have no problem, you know, support and special thanks and all of that stuff.
yup! ill put your name and this mod as a link! is that good?
this is one of my favroite mods in isaac
Why this mod so unpopular? I guess author work so long and this mod very good.
Does The Head of The Error item have to do with the Zelda series?
Not exactly, there is no Head of Error item in the Zelda Franchise, is there just to add more Error to the mod
Wow! This is a cool mod! If you don't mind I would love to give you some ideas for the future of this mod! You can replace the Keeper's Head item as Link from TLOZ and have him shoot rupee tears! Also, make the keepers in the shop look like the hogs from the original games when you find a secret room!
Keeper's head is allready a new item (Error's Head), and shoots rupoors, mainly because i would find it strange if you got hit by rupees and lost a bunch of them... anyways, thanks for the feedback!
wow, you re-uplauded this mod just to get it to the top of the list again.
i actually reuploaded it because the download was broken. i actually tried to fix the download with an update... but that didn't worked, so i deleted the first one and reuploaded with a fixed download.
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

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