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The Planetarium
Adds a new room type
Created 8 years ago
Based off of this post. Ignore the mod i uploaded a month ago, it crashes your game.

This mod adds an all new room called the planetarium. It has a spacey background and music (Breath in the light by Stellardrone). It has it's own item pool of space related items and 1 new item, Astro Baby. It also adds a couple other rooms, like fallen angels in devil rooms and shops in secret rooms.

If you have any suggestion for a different song or a different mod, feel free to post them in the comments.

I found a seed thank to Index154! Now there are screenshots!


x 85

- Adds a new (spookier) library song.

- Added Astro Baby

- New song thanks to Darkly

- Edited the Easter egg room

- Added enemies to 2 room types

- Screenshots (Thanks to Index154 for the seed)

This mod contains:
Room Pack
Will this ever be updated for Afterbirth?
It crashed before the Title Sequence!
This looks really pretty and I love the concept. What item is Astro Baby based on?
ilL trY iT ouT, youR imageS arE verY smalL uP therE buT froM whaT i'vE reaD iT shoulD bE gooD. greaT joB!!!
please uninstall yourself from the internet
I haven.t been on the site in about a year. I see that someone replied to a comment of mine and check out what it was ... I wrote that? ... Just cringe.
The pictures are very small...
Besides that pretty good!
Would like to see it fixed. Not sure what's causing it. I tried using previous versions and still it crashes. This is one of the cooler looking mods out there.
It crashes with a run-time error right when i get into the floor that has mom
Great work, I like the Astro Baby, as well as the music for the library and planetarium
Wait so this does replace the library? I'm going to use it anyway but i would like to know.
Wow never thought this mod would become so popular
Good work!
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!