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Realistic laser and brimstone.
This mod changed brimstone's and laser's texture.
Created 7 years ago
Just simple texture mod.


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This is a pretty good idea but especially on the brimstone the repeating texture creates a weird pattern and when you see it you can't really focus on something else.
I rather prefer original Brimstone and laser.
Are You gonna add this mod to Afterbirth Plus?
Is there a way I can ONLY get the technology part out of this mod? Or no?
Delete the brimstone textures from the files.
Ok, but if I use a mod that changes the brimstone texture, while using this mod, will that work? Or will the brimstone textures just be really weird?
Lasers themselves look amazing, my only issue is how awkward the little sparks look at the end of the beam.
EXACTLY! I find all these mods that open up in a weird writing thing How?
I got Winrar to help,for some reason my computer can't open rars,don't know about your case though.
hey could you upload that mod where all of the items are in the same room
This mod room had been deleted, sorry.
Cool mod! Although Azazel's brimstone looks a bit odd, everything else looks a ton better. EVEN LEMON PARTY LOOKS COOL
Cool idea for new mod, thanks
Help! I put the Effects folder in my Resources folder. I got Brimstone in a run and it's just the original laser...what did I do wrong?
I think the "effects" folder needs to be in the "gfx" folder in resources.
yeah I got it awhile back, but thanks anyway
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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