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JonTina Shop Theme (JonTron)
Replaces The Shop Theme with This!
Created 7 years ago

Requested By yukisennin

Hope you enjoy your mod!

Original Video:


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Ah, Jontron YTPMVS. Thank you for this.
I think i found the holy grail of mods...
I needed this in my life. Thank you.
This is the greatest mod ever greatest in the history of anything ever
cantina music OP Jontron OP
but together its unstoppable
I didn't know I needed this until now.
theres a lack of jontron mods for tboi. you're doing everyone a service here, keep it up.
would it be possible to change the sounds for picking up a coin from a ping to jontron's famous ECH
Can you do me a favor and tell me what the coin pick up sound WAV file name is?
i i i........ i dont know what to say.....
here what i can say....... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Jon Tron version of Chorus Mortis. Pls
I don't make the Jontron remixes so when I looked it up, nothing showed up, unless there is a version, then link it to me and ill make your dream come true!
Well, you can comment ideas for me and i'll see if I can do it!
Make Jontron say: OOOOOOO. When you pick up an item. (The Hercules One)
Sorry, but I cant seem to find the WAV file to the item pick up sounds, unless you can tell me all of them then I can make the mod, how it works is I have to rename the WAV file I made, then game finds that file and replaces the sound, until then I cant make the mod, SORRY!
Something I actually know! They are found in the feedback folder, in the sfx folder. They are named Power Up XX.wav, XX being the number of the file. There are 4 of them.
What are the numbers of the power up XX.wav? Also I'm working on another mod that is not finished that ill be releasing soon, so I might not get it in in time
power up 3.wav
power up 4.wav
power up 7.wav
power up1.wav
(not a typo)
Loud and obnoxious, I'd like it more if it wasn't that.
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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