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More challenges!
Yay more challenges!
Created 5 years ago


Before you read this i need to give a huge thanks to Sentinel For teaching me how to unlock all the challenges so that you can play even if you havent unlocked all the challenges!!!


Have you beaten the game and want to squeeze a couple more hours out of it (or maybe you want to play anyway)? Then go download The binding of gungeon XD. But seriously this mod adds some more, fun challenges that i created so please download it!


This mod adds 13 new challenges. the graphics for the name of the challenge wont change but the challenge will, ex: TOO MANY TEARS is pitch black. Here is the list (you should check this when you want to play one of the challenges).
-TOO MANY TEARS=pitch black
-Bullseye!=high brow
-The REAL meat boy fan=head trauma
-Mom vs. Mother=darkness falls
-Spiderman!=the tank
-RPJesus=solar system
-Swing it!=suicide king
-Laser team=cat got your tongue
-Bounce back!=demo man
-Catch em all=cursed!
-Devil power=glass cannon
-Through the fire and the flames=when life gives you lemons
-The VOID=beans!
-No escape...=its in the cards
-Lawn mower=slow roll
choosing any other challenge will be a blank slate


completing any of the challenges will give you the reward of the challenge that its reserved in (yes, completing the blank slates will reward you too but why would you want to play the blank slates???) ex: completing TOO MANY TEARS will give you pitch blacks reward.

How to download

1.Extract the file and put the content in the resources folder.
2.You can find it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources".
3.If not, go to steam and right click on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and click Properties, go to Local Files and click Browse Local Files.


1. Did you look at the "How to Download" section?
2. Do you have Rebirth? this mod is only for Afterbirth.
3. Maybe an other mod causes it.
4.If it is still not working i don't know what the cause is.


if you spot a bug or a glitch please report it!
You can also help by liking the mod to help it grow!
i also have 7 spaces left for challenges so if you have a suggestion, please do tell me (ill leave a link to your profile or mod depending on what you want me to do)!


-Cupokirby-Maker of mod
-Sentinel-Teached me how to pre-unlock challenges
-gimlifrogs-idea for challenge "No escape..."


x 26

- added challenge "lawn mower"

- added challenge "No escape" submitted by gimlifrogs

Thanks! I was bored one day and had ideas so this came out.
I've needed a Laser Team challenge for so long, and finally...
first, dowload the mod then you put the contents in the resources folder then boot up the game and go to challenges then you have to choose the coresponding challenge (see challenge list for details) and play! i hope this helps
when i try and download the mod it does not download a folder or anything i can put in my game it just downloads a rar. file
get win.rar and talk to me when you get it and try to download it again.
The winrar thing lol i really thought it was b8
Huh. I think I'll give this a shot at some point.
Oh thank god... I was reading the description and thought that you just renamed the challenges!
XD lol thats funny. i might add that in the future
Tell me if you enjoyed your expiriance!
It was great, but it reduces the chance to reach the Boss Rush. Since each room has a boss, it is not really possible to kill Mom's foot in 20 minutes. But it's still a great mod!
youre not supposed to boss rush.
also, what??? are you using other mods??? thats not supposed to happen.
You should add more challenges though
i know but i want to make sure that if someone has an idea they can share it and yes im making new ones
How about a challenge where you have soy milk and Dr. Fetus and try to make it to mom on hard with no treasure rooms?
hmmm... ill test it and make sure its not too hard... good idea thoe, maybe ill add mr.mega
ill give credit to you but i need to try it, judge it and publish it so it might be up tonight
no prob, plus youre the one who came up with the idea!
Yay, more challanges = good mod.

Also, more hard challanges = less buttons on keyboard.
What about a challenge that has the mom transformation, but you're blindfolded, so you have to kill enemies with the knife?
i tried that with mom vs. mommy but the knife gets taken away from you so i made mom vs. mommy instead.
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.