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Afterbirth Acapella Mod - FULL RELEASE
Replaces all the songs in the game with Acapella remixes
Created 7 years ago

Compatible with Rebirth, too!

The soundtrack for The Binding of Isaac - Rebirth by Ridiculon has often been compared to the soundtrack for the original Isaac, and mostly in a negative light. Some would say it's outright bad or just mediocre. We don't think so.

So in order to show our love for the soundtrack of this game, we decided to make a mod that replaces every track in the game with an Acapella remix of that song. And now it's finally here!


Trailer video:

Listen to all the songs on SoundCloud:

Donate to us if you want. We can't actually sell these songs because of licensing, but if you still want to throw money at us, go ahead.

Songs included are:
    Regenesis (Title Screen) - Tim&Tihan
    Basement - Tim
    Cellar - Tihan
    Burning Basement - Tihan
    Caves - Tihan
    Catacombs - Tim
    Flooded Caves - Tim
    Depths - Tim
    Necropolis - Tihan
    Dank Depths - Tim
    Womb - Tim
    Scarred Womb - Tim
    Dead Womb - Tim
    Cathedral - Tihan, Tim Solo
    Sheol - Tim
    Chest - Tim
    Dark Room - Tim
    Devil Room - Tim
    Angel Room - Tim
    Store - Tihan
    Secret Room - Tihan
    Library - Tihan
    Arcade - Tihan
    Game Over - Tihan
    Boss Fight - Tihan
    Alt. Boss Fight - Tim
    Ambush (Trap Room) - Tim
    Mom Fight - Tim
    Mom's Heart Fight - Tim
    Isaac Fight - Tim&Tihan
    Satan Fight - Tim
    Chest Fight - Tim&Tihan
    Dark Room Fight - Tim
    Hush Fight - Tim
    Ultra Greed Fight - Tim&Tihan
    The Calm (After Boss Fight) - Tim
    Credits - Tihan
    Intro & Epilogue - Tim
    Endings 1-13 - Tihan
    Ending 16 - Tim
    And a bunch of jingles by either of us


x 393

- Final Version of the mod (excluding possible bug fixes or whatever)

- All main songs done

- Cutscene songs done

- All main songs done.

I like it how you make the songs Funny and really Nice at the same time!
Here is the Workshop link for Afterbirth+ if anyone is interested
When will you make the afterbirth+ tracks?
I wasn't going to download tbh but then the song got stuck in my head and I had to...
Lol,the best mod for good game ^^
April 10, 2022 - 6 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!