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Garden of Eden
Isaac's Garden - It's Isaac, but happier!
Created 6 years ago
My first mod, leave comments and tell me things I can add/fix and even change. (:

Currently in this mod:

-Cheerier Characters
-Flower Tears
-Stylized Cards and Pills
-Stylized Minimap
-A couple reskinned items
-Cleaner/Cuter bosses

Ideas in Store:

-Put a flower in Isaac's 'hair'


Simply drag the resources folder into the Binding of Isaac folder. Then click merge.


x 29

- changed depths layout

- changed womb layout

- changed colors of enemies

- edited most spiders

- edited all flies

- Changed a ton of flies and spiders

- Fixed Burning Basement and Flooded Caves bugs

- Fixed scary invisible flies. They are no longer invisible and no longer scary.

- Fixed Larry Jr Sprite

- Reskinned Everything Guppy to Everything Gopher, a lovable puppy dog

- Changed a few items

- Added screenshots

- Refixed Pill bug

- Changed things to afterbirth format

- Fixed Pill Bug (not the cute kind)

- Fixed Weird Fire Glitch

- Added a Basement/Caves/Depths Reskin

- Dried Maggy's Eyes

- Sang Isaac a Lullaby

- Reskinned a couple items

- Cheered up Isaac and Maggy

i got this when i searched "gardenofseeds" but i got this.
still looks amazing tho
Looks like Isaac for kids. I love it!
This is what Nintendo was wishing for the 3DS port.
I'm glad Isaac's finally happy ;w;
Hey, if you want ideas for items, it will be awesome if you use this:
-Spear of destiny = Flower of Destiny (Replacing the spear with a long flower)
-The Poop = Sack of Fertilizer
-Dead Cat = Cute Cat (Like Nyan Cat or something Kawaii)
-Brimstone = Rainbow Laser
-Pupula Duplex = Banana Tree (Making the tears bananas)
-Pandora Box = Sack of Seeds
Just some of my ideas, if you like one, you can make the reskin for the item. The only thing I can say now is that this mod looks great and, if you plan to make a full mod with this (Bosses, characters, enemys...) you have an original and fresh idea, so keep making awesome things! PD: I dont believe that this is your first mod, this is a very fresh idea XD
I like these ideas. (:

Problem is rainbow brimstone was already taken by someone. Same as the banana tears. I don't want to steal from anyone.
Also, TECHNICALLY this is the first mod I've gotten around to completing. I started making another mod themed off of another game I play, but I felt like I wanted something else to work on instead since I couldn't come up with ideas.
Hey, no problem.
You can make Brimstone like a Flower Laser and Pupula Duplex Moon Tears or something XD
You are the best
Why did you post the same thing 3 times 1 minute apart?
I think you could add more reskinned items like maybe replace breakfast with the apple eve ate and make it give 1 black heart
This mod is pretty well made. Though it is kinda messed up that isaac has a happy smile while he murders thousands of creatures with flowers. If i'm honest this mod is kinda morbid.
i think the short description is going to doom this actually-pretty-good looking mod.
Do you have a better idea? I'd be happy to change it. (:
"It's Isaac but cuter!" or something
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!