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Eden's Barber Shop - Afterbirth
200+ new custom Eden hair/hats!
Created 4 years ago
Eden's Barber Shop is now available on the Steam Workshop! Get it now!

I updated the mod me and [URL=]TRPG[/url] made to work with afterbirth

(also I found out someone already did that but it was glitchy so that is fixed as well!)

old version -

Description copy pasted from other version -

Eden's Barber Shop, by TRPG (/u/electronic90009 ) and Stewartisme (/u/stewartisme ) is a brand new mod featuring 200+ new Eden hair/hat designs, including special designs used with permission by /u/Lynzkar and /u/ArMM1998's The Binding of Mario mod!

Some designs include:
-Yoshi hats!
-Dipper's hat from "Gravity Falls"
-Hatty's top hat from "BattleBlock Theater"
-A hairstyle based on Villager from "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U"
-A Fish Can Roll "Nuclear Throne" hat
-A #1 Soda Drinking Hat
-The Back to the future hat

Want to make a hat or some hair? There is a template in the files or just use this!

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x 79

- deleted a few unnecessary files

I didn't usually play as eden before this mod, but it has made me play as eden more.
I like this one already. I hope that this mod features dreadlocks or some hairstyles like that.
I love having the perfect do for Eden X3
nice mod man, make the game prettier
The first one looks like Jacksepticeye
All these look so great! can't wait to try all of 'em out!
Its a very nice mod, but maybe put a stormtrooper head pls
If possible, the "Foxy Grandpa" hat from Spongebob would be great
I've tried before and still can't get it to look good
Did you try moving the brim down and increasing the size of the hat?
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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