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Bum Tems
All Bums are now Temmies.
Created 5 years ago
This is just a fun little graphics mod I made in my spare time that replaces all the Bum Familiars in the game with Temmies. Yes, that includes Super Bum too, along with its transformation cutscene! Other than that, there's not much else to say.

Credit goes to SpearKill3R for the base sprite as well as the original Bum Tem reskin.

To-Do List...

  • Fix Super Tem's cutscene sprite, as of right now, it looks pretty lo-quality.
  • Bumbo --> Tem-Bo?


x 40

- Since a lot of people want to use this with the Undertale mod, I've added two folders that are compatible with the regular version and the Expansion Mod. (Don't worry, you can still use this without the mods.!)

it crashes my game, help! i'm using rebirth, what i need to do now? i'm scared!
Are You gonna update this to Afterbirth plus?
You should turn bumbo into bob.
It'll be greaaaaaaaaat.
OMG it is beautiful 💖_💖
Is there going to be a bumbo? And if so, call it Tembo.
Hoi Im Tem dO U WaNt TemMiE FlaKeS nO? Boi
I already spend too much on bums... time to spend more!
Thank you so much for making this mod XD
I'm using the new expansion version. How do I install it so that it works with BoU?
If you mean the standalone BoU, there's a folder for that along with one for the expansion. If you mean the expansion, install the bum tems mod after everything else.
So I just put it in the resources file with everything else?
Regular Tem works. Haven't found either of the other two.
I imagine someone else going onto my computer and finding the file "bum tems"
April 5, 2021 - 6 days ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.