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Monstro is old school, WaterMonstro is the new cool!
Created 5 years ago
Haven't uploaded for awhile, but here's a mod!

This mod changes Monstro into a watermelon!
There is a part that is for the hat and without the hat. So if you want a more unique watermelon use the hat one!

Anyway, there MIGHT be a Burg and Flies.



x 14

- Burg and Flies! (Couldn't find the boss so no screenshots yet!)

I'd like to see better sprite but idea is really funny ;)
So is Burg and Flies, like, Monstro II?
No it is the Duke of flies. Just randomly thought about making him actually but just kept to myself.
hmm, now that I think of it larry jr. or pin can be a gummy worm. Well gotta limp to my computer and wake my brain up now that I have said it.
When you beat him...
Does he drop melon slices?
you gave me an idea! monstros lung might be a water melon slice!
Replace everything with watermelons!!!
(or everything that you can)
LOL! that would be fun to play, but will take an EXTREME! amount of time out of my life. (but love the idea! will try to make more watermelon mods! )
Look at it XD
So logical.... this is where you got your inspiration? X3
i put my half-heart here, waiting a update
you mean for burg and flies? DON'T WORRY, uploading soon!
For the first time in my life, I'm at a loss for words.
lol, what? This is pretty cool. I like it!
Burg and Flies looks really cool too! going to post it soon! (Keyboard is acting like crap)
April 5, 2021 - 1 month ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.