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Team Meat Font!
Use this font for ingame menus!
Created 4 years ago
Ever wished that creating menus for your mod was easier?? All the fonts are hand-drawn!

Well, in the game's files there is a file called "teammeatfont12.fnt". This will NOT work as a font and you can not install it onto your computer.

I have created a font that works! Now you will never have to hand-draw your menus again!

This font looks most like the game in all caps. Make sure to remember that.

Please give credit to me if you use this font! You are free to distributute it as long as you link to this page.


x 35

- Smoothed the capital 'G', thanks to Wofsauge.

- Decreased the letter spacing to make it look more like it does in the game.

I appreciate the effort, but I think people don't actually understand how that font works. It's not supposed to be pixel-art. It only looks like it is because the game scales up the original images. On those images, the pixels are always 1/1, no matter how big the letters are.
I Love This Font!
This is the fucking best mod ever!
I. Fkucing. Love. You.
I will finally be able to do my translation without getting mad about the menus.
Will give you credit for this once it's done, of course.
Also, can you send me the "fixed" menu?
Oh, lol, I just realized who you are.

Sure, I'll message you on Steam or something.
The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Brown Foxy
Can i make russian version of your font?
I don't know how to make a font, but i make textures of letters!
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
nicely done but can you fix the capital G ? it looks trimmed on the top: (you can use this image if you want)

also, i would recomment to deactivate Font sharpening when using this font to make it look even better
Fixing... Please stand by...

Also, is it I who has to deactivate sharpening or people who use it?
you used it in the after image. but i would write this as an information to anyone who uses this font because that way it will way better fit in the artstyle of isaac .
Actually, the capital G does look like that in the .pngs! Weird, but I smoothed it anyway.
I'm so glad this guy went and took the time to do this. This will help SO much on my streams/videos. THANKS AGAIN!!

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