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More Gore
Don't let your mom see
Created 5 years ago
Everything has a lot of gibs

This mod was featured in a video!

This mod is rebirth only


x 60
I am not sure if I can call this gore.
very nice, I just wish it was afterbirth+ compatible as well
just use the more gore seed, u don't really need this mod at all
How does this work with the BLOOOODY seed?
He's so happy as he just absolutely eviscerates his enemies in the video.
Tried making it work the same way but it crashes sometimes and the game can act weird of som rooms

Until I get it fixed here is a version of it for rebirth just be aware it has some problems
i dont think they have the guts... anymore
i have try'd extracting it to the resources folder but it doesn't seem to be working please help?
Make sure only the text file is added to the folder
This mod is like american beer. You only take it if you like to piss (your pants) Very good mod! Keep going, you can be marvelous.
The entire room was filled with Super Envies Gore I couldn't see s**t against Mega Satan...Never Mind: Great mod! XD
I love how fly's drop that much bones XD
Nice mod! but a little annoying sometimes :P
I made more gore lite for people who wanted more gibs but not that many
This mod is living up to it's name!
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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