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Lilith shoot mod
Lilith have eyes now.
Created 5 years ago
Lilith can shoot now.


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I have no desire to insult the author but everyone in the character editor to do this just select the character Lilith and put a tick damn and why this mod is so popular it's stupid Better version
It's really cool that she can shoot now
But I think she could look a little cuter or prettier
But now lilith can use dead eye and technology!
Isn't Lilith OP to begin with? (even with the Box of Friends being nerfed?)
It downloads but it doesn't download a folder plz help
I want to download this... but those eyes are so close together O_O
I Cant Do Rar Files can You Make a Extract One?
There's a reason that Lilith has a blindfold...this is why
I Showed This to My Cousin And She Screamed
Nice idea ofc.
But Lilith's face says ,,Plz, kill me''.
All isaac's characters faces talking that ;D
January 16, 2020 - 9 months ago

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