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Globin for Meat-Boy
Replaces the Meat-Boy familiars with stages of a Globin
Created 8 years ago
Replaces each stage of the Meat-Boy familiar with a Globin forming.


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This is gonna confuse tf out of me, great job!
very interesting idea to use the enemy (I forgot his name xD) as meay boy
I wonder what you could do with bandage girl...
Maybe Bandage girl could be a gaper?
The smiling human things in the basement that follow
But they dont really have an "evolution"
Maybe them decaying from gaper all the way to hive
There's an idea that gapers are less decayed versions of hives and mulligans
hives and mulligans are those things that cough up other enemies
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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