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The Isaac of Random: Remusic
Totally new music!
Created 9 years ago
(The sample here is the Arcade room track)

This mod replaces almost every music in the game - Wow!
I don't own the music I used.

The download contains a tracklist that tells you what which song of the game was replaced with.

Here is a youtube playlist with almost every track that I used and also some which are only used in the afterbirth version of this mod:
Playlist link

Click here to get to the Afterbirth version of this mod.

The mod doesn't replace following music:
-Angel Deal
-Devil Deal

Also: Thanks to 1089 for looping the music


x 42

- New Music for Death screen

- The tracks now loop

- The Chest music is now actually there

- Some other fixes

- new music for secret rooms

- new music for chest

- new music for empty boss rooms

I got a problem with the Basement music, it doesn't play basement for some reason.
I tried to look into it already but i couldn't find anything with my skills.
This is the rebirth version of the mod. Get the afterbirth version here: Link
I got a problem with the music of Greed mode, it doesn't play the music in greed mode for me, i tried looking into it but i couldn't find any. pls help.
This is a fantastic music mod, all the songs fit well for each level they play in. The store and arcade songs are extremely well placed, they make you feel as if you have reached a safe haven away from all the horrors. I loved it. Thanks for the mod!
Yes, I have, but I always failed because my cut in the track was some seconds off and then the loop sounded weird.
So if you really agree to do that, I'd appreciate it and gladly accept
Have you tried looping the music yet? If you have trouble I could try helping you out
Oh damn I didn't know these things (="-") are added automatically to the changelog
Did you check out the playlist so you can actually hear if you like the music? I hope so.
-Replaces all music
HELL YES dude i've been looking for something like this.
-from anime
Wow, nah i'm cool
I really like the music! I'm gonna try this out, this sounds like it will add a much lighter feel to the game. Great job, man!
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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