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No Blindfolded Challenges!
Play your challenges without the hassle of blindfolds!
Created 8 years ago
One of my least favorite things about Afterbirth is the challenges where you are blindfolded and are unable to shoot tears. Well, regardless of whether you liked it or not, I've created a mod that fixes this problem!

But that's not all! I even took it one step further and replaced the blindfold with one or two items that still have to do with the challenge theme! Hooray for consistency!

What's New:

  • The Solar System now also gives you orbiting tears.
  • Cat Got Your Tongue? now gives you Judas's Tongue.
  • Beans! now starts you with a Bad Gas pill.
  • The Family Man gives you 20/20.
  • Blue Bomber gives you Dr. Fetus.
  • With BRAINS!, instead of 3 Bob's Brains, you now have Bob's Brain, Bob's curse, and Bob's rotten head. (also you turn into Bob)
  • The Guardian gives you holy shots.


  • You can still shoot tears in The Guardian, the blindfold is simply part of the character model.
  • I have also included a Rebirth version, but it has not been tested, so I cannot guarantee success with that version.


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that's very nice, and you can also mod a non-blindfolded lilith
Does this have afterbirth+ support?
I cant seem to download most mods
I tried to put it under the packed file it doesn't do anything
This just be funner binding of isaac!
Does this work when just playing as Lilith???
Now I can actually complete Brains, The Guardian, and Beans! Thank Godhead for this mod!
I can finally see again!
Gets curse of the blind on the first floor
Thanks so much for this mod. Now I can finally have some fun with these challenges. Immediately did the Cat Got Your Tongue challenge and it's so much more enjoyable. On a side note, I found no damage ups and one only tears up (from a pill) and I still won. God damn is Guppy powerful
Thank you so much for this! I hate these challenges, and now they are fun! Keep up the good work.
I ******* hate those challenges. Thanks for the mod!
This will be great as I want to unlock both Death's Touch and Epic Fetus! Maybe make another mod that makes challenges also have item rooms?
Hmm... I'll look into that! an alternate option is to manually go into the challenges file and enter the id of an op item like brimstone into the challenge of your choice!
What a great idea! Nice! I HATE challenges!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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