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More consistent fly-familiars
Now three of them don't look exactly the same!
Created 8 years ago
Some small tweaks to some of the fly familiars to fix some issues with them-

-Distant Admiration's pedestal icon is now red to match the actual familiar

-Lost Fly was recolored orange, since it was the same color as Best Bud and Friend Zone

-Friend Zone was recolored green to go with the red and blue of the other damaging fly-orbitals and reduce confusion between it and Best Bud (It's pedestal icon was also changed to look similar to Forever Alone and Distant Admiration, to keep it consistent between the three)


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That's very helpful, somebody had to do it after all
i love the lord of the flies transformation !
another one don´t see the diference between lost fly and friend zone?, I do it
Thanks for sharing. This is another mod I didn't know I needed.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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