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The binding of everything
With challenge come power <3
Created 8 years ago
Dispite what it says, Not everything!

My first mod!


x -22

- Better devil rooms

- (Bad) Mega Satan replacement

- New rooms!

- Devil room and angel room Story: The devil and angel are switching places! the devil is light and the angel is scary...

- I frogot to add. sometimes on the basement and on the womb in greed sometimes bosses don't spawn

wow it went from -21 to -20 at first i thought it was a bug and that it had 21 , but no
This must have taken a while to make this.
Volcano sumit?

Great job on the mod! Mind if I share a video of me playing it?
I shall leave this video here if anyone is interested:
The Binding Of Epileptic NOT FOR EYESbirth
If i had to use one word to discribe this mod, it would be interesting. Very...interesting.

Great job on the mod XD Having a lot of fun c:
unfortunately no, hush is still incredibly annoying
is it avavalible for afterbirth?
yes, this mod works with afterbirth
Could you add more challenges? The afterbirth challenges don't work, and instead of becoming the challenges they are supposed to be, they turn into normal runs.
You probably need to make it so the mod disables achievements. I played this mod thinking it was completely harmless and played as Judas on Greed Mode but I unlocked the Glass Canon challenge and even more and it was marked into my achievements. I like playing the game fair and square but sometimes I want to wind down and I found it pretty disappointing that you enabled achievements when I just wanted to play an achievement free mod that doesn't make it so I'm cheating.
It would be a pretty good idea to research how to.
I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here.
I just might have to try this out, some of it looks pretty intresting
thanks! I just made random stuff... XD
halp me it crashed when i start game
I am sorry i cannot help you Some people use rebirth and this mod is for afterbirth. check that. If not i have no clue.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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