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Seinfeld Death
Created 5 years ago
Have you ever felt like the death music in Isaac is good but the Seinfeld theme would be better. THEN LOOK NO FURTHER BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOD FOR YOU!

I do not own Seinfeld or the Theme from it.

I used the all by myself death mod and replaced the music to make this so credit to them.


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it being shitty quality makes it funnier
Google "Seinfeld theme"
The topmost YouTube video is high quality.
I don't feel bad about dying anymore.
when I die, it doesnt play the theme song
How the fuck does someone achieve 144p with audio
The best (or most infuriating) way to end a Lost run. 10/10
It's perfect!!
Also, there's no need to credit me for something simple. ;w;
Boy. It's not like we have enough of these.

It's actually not that bad for a first mod. It's just that there is an abundance of these death sound mods.
I've been using for a couple years, and I am custom to it.
I'm sorry. I actually am really bad at coding so this is the best I can actually do.
I mean. Modding here isn't even really considered coding. It's all markup language. until Afterbirth+, there really isn't any 'coding'. It's just editing. Basically, unless you call painting on the mona lisa, creating a painting, there is no coding.
I am planning on making real mods once Afterbirth + comes out.
How can you do that if you are really bad at coding? You are really contradicting yourself here.
I have only tried java and c++. I will try to learn lua. Also I can get better. Just currently awful
January 16, 2020 - 1 year ago

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