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All Hosts Turn Red
Because regular Hosts are really annoying
Created 7 years ago
Afterbirth Only! No asking for a rebirth version.

This mod is an extremely simple one. It replaces every Host and Walking Host with a Red Host and Walking Red Host, respectively.

There is an uncontrollable exception: Hosts from skulls. So just don't blow up any skulls while enemies are in the room and you'll never have to fight a host.

There is also a controllable exception: Meatballs.

Meatballs turn into Hosts upon death. However, as they do not have an alternate version, they are not replaced by this mod. (If you have a suggestion as to a replacement enemy that also fires fountains of bullets, go ahead and say it in the comments)

Apart from those, you shouldn't have trouble with Hosts with this mod installed. Yes, even in Greed Mode.


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Now You Don't Have To Wait For It. Hate Those Things.
this improves gameplay a little

Thanks, this has saved many runs from rage quits.
Now I can run in even more fear while trying to doge Mulibooms!
I've been needing this all my life. Fuck regular hosts. FUCK THEM. Red hosts are annoying but at least they're kill-able if you can land a hit.
this must have taken a lot of work actually, knowing how long it takes to edit rooms
Now we Just need something to get rid of the cod worms
yessssssss... YESSSSS... wait you want them gone? nah, that'd make it too easy

making them red is fine though
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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