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The lost: Slightly Buffed Edition!
The lost is now found!
Created 6 years ago
Is the lost a little too hard for you? Would you like a bit of a buff? Well this mod changes a few things about the lost to make him slightly easier to unlock things with.

There are 3 files, each of which give the lost different items, ranging from OP, to OK, to... Uh... Something that starts with O that doesn't mean great but not bad either.

To install:
1: Open your resources folder and plop down whichever players.xml you'd prefer inside of it.
2: Profiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

To uninstall: Delete players.xml


x 14

- Added 2 new buff types, ranging from Heavy to light

- Changed a bit of the mod description

- Changed to a .zip

- Added screenshots

I was thinking of a version with a fly or two and maybe D7 (or really anything but D4)
Now I might not try to hang myself after losing Quad shot to a fly!
I mean, you ever have to dodge, especially with BFF'S!
Crazy OP! Fun idea though. I'd remove 2 pretty flies or all. Circle is a bonus help for him. Ditch the flies, keep Circle.
Alright. I was also thinking of replacing the D6 with the Glass canon, but I don't know. I'll make the changes soon
Slightly buffed? This just makes The Lost TOO easy. Try to say EXTREMELY buffed instead.
I could change some things if you'd prefer? Know that I think about it the ring might be a bit OP.
so pretty much the Lost is now a big defensive character?
That's one way to put it. I can change a few things if you think it's too overpowered.
No I think it's a good combination of items
April 5, 2021 - 6 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.